NJP1200C Automatic Capsule Filling Machine


Our machine is a new product designed for dosage rooms of hospitals, medium-size and small-size pharmaceutical plants, and health care product plants, widely used for packing medicines,foodstuffs,and electronic components.

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Product Name: NJP1200C  Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Please Watch the Demo Video:   https://www.youtube.com/shorts/2pUjPUoIl-c 

Manufactured in:  China

Code: KJ9216

Uses: This fully Automatic Capsule Filling adopts multibore dosing, intermittent motion & frequency control.
High speed, high performance machine that incorporates latest international design and is built with precision using most appropriate material and up to date manufacturing systems.
It is suitable for automatic completion of Capsule feeding, separating, filling waste capsule rejection,closing, finished capsule ejection.
Functional Sequence
1. Empty capsule loading and separation
2. Lower Module segment move down and outward
3. Powder or pellet filling
4. Reserve station
5. Removal of separated capsule
6. Lower module segment move back
7. Capsule locking
8. Discharge of filled capsule
9. Module segment cleaning

For more information please contact us:  cs@kjcnutra.com
Weight 2.2 lbs



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